Fixed a bug with input


I found out via some comments on the Ludum Dare page that for some people the control scheme didnt work at all since in their case the spacebar only scrolled the browser it didnt get through to the game nor could they stay focused on the game.  Thats sad so I worked around that unexpected problem by making a v1.01 of the game.  

What is new:

1. Added 'x' and 'leftShift' to the input list so now whether you push either of those keys or spacebar the game should work well.

Thats it.


The files called `` and `Populatio` were version 1.0 where spacebar was the only input option.  Now `` and `` are the new version where all three keys work. 


Populatio 1 MB
Oct 04, 2020
Populatio 5 MB
Oct 04, 2020 1 MB
Oct 05, 2020 10 MB
Oct 05, 2020

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