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Welcome to Alignment City

Welcome to Alignment City where you are a a dragon who can flap its wings and glide around the world and your job is to paint as many buildings as possible by touching them in the shortest time possible.   Or if you want to just explore and try to paint most or all of the buildings thats fun too!


You will receive three scores: one which is your speed, one which is the exploration score (how may buildings youve found and painted and which naturally rewards your exploration of the world), and finally a technical score which is a mathematic calculation based upon those scores where you could get a high technical score even if you didnt paint as many building as you wanted to.  


 Going right and up generally will usually get you to the next warp or level  but  there are many secrets and reasons to explore the world so just keep looking and you will find what you seek.   Touch the teleport spheres to teleport further into the world (or sometimes back).  Sometimes there will be an invisible sphere that will take you further.  Try the levels several times to find all of the secrets and get the best scores you can.


Use a gamepad or WASD or the arrow keys with spacebar as the jump button.   Press Escape or q to quit.  


I'm proud of how fun these games ended up (so far) especially how fun it is just to flap the dragons wings.  Theres a lot of potential for fun platforming with this guy.  As of Sunday June 7 2020 I feel like there are lots of ways to make levels the biggest difference being between the level in 1986 and the levels in 1987, and even within the 1987 levels there is some significant variety.  The 86 game had only one level with 5 layers of depth.  The 87 game has 8 levels most of which have 4 or 5 layers of depth.  Those levels took me about a week of super part time work to make but I'm certainly getting faster at making them.  I can now probably make one layer in 30 min to an hour but then I'm a bit creatively burned and need to go play a VR game or take a nap to refresh.


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