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You must save the galaxy from the evil space pirates!

Press space to load the level.  Press Space again to start the game.  Up and down are the only controls (cursor keys or w and s of wasd fame).  Shoot is always on autofire.  P pauses. Cmd q (mac) or Alt f4 (win) quit.  when paused or when level is over press r to restart.  

There is currently only one tiny little level that takes about 90s to beat.  If you get hit your bullet gets more powerful (longer travel distance) but you also get a lower multiplier.  The goal is to get through the level with the highest score.  the highest possible score will mean not getting hit but also hitting every enemy.  Getting hit a few times will make the game easier at the cost of your multiplier and therefore your score.  

Future: Future levels could split and go up and down, could have many more enemies, in different patterns, some which shoot back.  Could possibly have simple bosses.  Would probably still take the shape of one long level.  One of the first things for a future version would be a high score list, or at least a saving of the top score.

Let me know in the comments what your high score was and if you would like to see more: more variety, more interesting levels or enemies, saving of top scores, etc.  I’ll see what I can do :)

Technical Features (behind the scenes) (none of which are fully utilized here)

1. game pauser

2. cutscenes sort of - the framework for making cutscenes

3. Sprites turned into 3d Tiles

4. more


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