A series of levers:

This is a super simple text adventure about finding yourself in a dungeon maze with hidden doors.  When you find a lever pull it and then search the dungeon to see what door it unlocked.  The doors only open when you pull the correct levers and if you get the doors open you can escape to freedom!

The game only responds to a few simple words:

push/pull (which do the same thing and only apply to levers)


  • I don't really understand how you can beat this game without a map the first time, and drawing one on a piece of paper is what we used to do in the 80s.  
  • If you don't want to draw your own map, several maps are included in a zip above (called Maps and Walkthrough And Spoilers.zip or something)
  • 0. (Start here if you need clues) Empty Map: An empty map with just where the rooms are on the map but none of the hallways or doors or levers
  • 1. (for more clues) Spoiler Map 1: A map with the hallways marked on the map (but not the doors or levers)
  • 2. (for more clues) Spoiler Map 2: A map with the doors marked on the map (but not the levers)
  • 3. (for most of the clues) Spoiler Map 3: A map with the doors and levers marked on the map
  • 4. (for all clues) Spoiler Map 4: A map that shows which lever opens which door 
  • The maps are not perfect and any room that isn't entirely square is just because I didn't draw it entirely square.
  • There is also a full walkthrough in the zip file


  • Levers are the only thing that you can interact with.
  • Anything in the dungeon is decoration none of it is interactable and it doesnt have its own unique description.  
  • The only descriptions are of the rooms in the game
  • You have to explore try going places and see what is there.
  • Using a map is encouraged
  • Pushing or pulling levers opens doors
  • If you cant get somewhere but the map says you should be able to then you need to push some levers and then try again
  • There is a maximum of one lever per room
  • Each lever opens only one door in this game (although the engine supports one lever opening multiple doors)
  • You don't need to open doors they are more like stone walls that slide aside when opened by a lever
  • The layout of where the rooms are doesnt make sense so dont try to make sense of it :)
  • You can push or pull the levers multiple times and that won't affect the door.  Pushing or pulling it the first time is all that matters.
  • There are 17 rooms on the map, 6 doors and 6 levers


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