Meat Packer


Meat Packer is a fun game that is very much like other puzzle games where you try to arrange shapes.  It has some similar gameplay to Tetris for example.  The difference is in this game you are packing cubes of raw meat into a meat truck!  Most of them are very large stew-meat-cubes.  I made this in 24hrs for a game jam although I already had the meat texture from an asset pack I had licensed. 

How to play

The controls are simple: Up rotates the piece.  Down moves it down one line.  Left and right move the piece in the corresponding direction.


Making a game like Tetris is harder than I thought it would be.  I've tried 3-4 times previously in my life and never completed the project.  Last time was in 2017 and I got close and could have finished but never did.  

Why do I think it was harder than I thought?  Probably because it leverages very little of the built in mechanisms that Unity or any other modern engine provide.  Primarily it is a project of managing arrays.  Once that is done properly you can make corresponding Unity GameObjects and make it look great.

Because of what I have already learned I think I could do this from scratch in one fourth of the time and it would be a fun challenge to try!

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Made withUnity

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