Monsterous Three

This is a cute match three game with 3 monster sprites in 2 colors each.  Theres no title screen or scorekeeping but just straightforward match 3 gameplay.


If you haven't played a match-three game like this before you will swap monsters with neighbors to try to get three in a row of one monster.  Four in a row or five in a row also works.  You can't swap monsters unless that swap will result in a match (at least 3 in a row).

I added a blocking feature so it will wait before it destroys each of your matched monsters.  You control the selector using the arrow keys and then press either shift key to go into swap mode.  For example press shift+right to swap the selected monster with the monster on its right (if that is a valid swap).


Originally based on the the noobtuts bejeweled tutorial I refactored and rewrote the code and some of the solutions I came up with are quite elegant if I do say so myself using some cool C# tricks such as extension methods but ultimately this game uses the same core approach to make it tick.   If you want to see the differences or play the original noobtuts version you can play [my implementation] or if you want to learn some Unity game programming then grab the premium noobtuts tutorial [noobtuts-bejeweled](  [All of their Unity tutorials]( have been fantastic so far.  
 I also put in some new CC0 sprites from [Jellybot Enemies]( by GrafxKid but changed their colors and arranged the colors in such a way that you can easily see the differences between the sprites.   

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFab Dynamic
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Unity

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