This is a simple Bejeweled clone that I made by following a tutorial on   If you follow this tutorial with Unity 5.0.0f4 you will get something just like this too but this is one of the premium tutorials on that site (which are totally worth the few dollars to unlock).     I used 5.0.0f4 to do the tutorial originally but the tutorial also works with Unity 2019 and thats the version I used to publish it here.  Good luck!  


Arrow keys to move the selector.  Left Shift with arrows to try to shift a block.  For example: put the selector on a block with the arrow keys, then hold left shift and push to the right to try to swap the selected block with the block to its right.  If that swap creates a match then the swap will succeed, but if it doesnt create a match then nothing will happen.

AuthorFab Dynamic
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