Party Time in Party Land!

A web playable party game for 8 players.

Press Space to start.

How to play:

The hat that is spinning is the one that is going to move next.

When its your turn press the space bar at the right time to launch in the direction of the point of your Party Hat..

Try to get your Party Hat into the goal in the upper right. (You'll know you scored when there is a chime and the goal changes to the color of your Party Hat!)

First to 10 wins and everyone gets to enjoy the raucous Party Hat Celebration!




Space bar is the only control (mouse click works too for launching)

Features to add in the future:
An intro screen which explains all of this
A way to put names in (as is you need to remember which player you are) (this will also tell the game how many players there are). Until I get this added in just play as the other players as well!
AI for other players
Keep track of wins in a tournament arrangement
Make a battle royale mode
Make different worlds with different shapes and zones and obstacles and goalposts

Party On!

Note about the theme: I made a party game!  When I was done with it and I went to submit it ... the Jam gave me further requirements (that its supposed to be Wario Ware style).  C'est la Vie.  I hope you enjoy my party game (even though it might not 'fit in').


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I played it by myself just like a toy and it was quite fun as well. Really nice colours and cute sound effects.

Hey thank you so much for this comment!  I appreciate that you thought it was like a toy.  I did too :)

Had 4 people playing this on my laptop (two complete non gamers) and all loved it. Nice!

Oh wow what a treasure for me.  Thank you for playing and thank you so much for sharing your experience!  *big smile*