Repeater Mod

This is a mod of the excellent Ludum Dare 47 Compo game Repeater by notime4games which is a cool action-platformer that feels a little like Metroid but with a twist.

How to play this MOD

Find the exit!  Move your character with WASD or arrow keys or gamepad and jump and fire with w,x or with the buttons on the gamepad.  If you are having trouble see the spoiler below.

What Changed for this MOD

  1. Primary change is a new level.  I added a level but this mod doesnt have the original level in it so its just an alternate level of the original game.   The original level is still in the source code.
  2. I changed the balance of the enemies life and attacks and player life and attacks in a way that felt good to me.

Spoiler Vague Solution

This is a super vague description of how to solve this mod E W NW E NE W E which I think will be useful if you have spent enough time with it to get stuck.

Install instructions

The game plays entirely in the browser.  If you want to peruse the source or mod then ...

Source Code

If you want to see step by step what I did then peruse the commit history of the git repo which is in the source code zip file above.   It can take you all the way back in time to the exact source code provided by NoTime4Games on the LD47 submission page.

Regarding the source code its really good.  The player controller is clear and concise and the level switching mechanic is imho brilliantly done and works perfectly.  If you wanted to mod the game and create a new level you could do so entirely by changing the links to other level chunks in the prefabs.


Repeater MOD Source and Git 11 MB

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