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You are Biff Speedchunk and are trying to escape the complex where you were wrongly imprisoned.   This game is made in the style of an arcade game ported to the NES.  See how fast you can beat the game!  

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to control Biff Speedchunk. To win the game you need to escape and to escape you need to collect all of the dots on all 16 levels while avoiding the guards.  Each type of guard has a different patrol route and running speed but they all have terrible peripheral vision.    There are four hidey holes on the map (one in each quadrant) which are corners where you can sit safe from all enemies.  They're not marked so you will have to use clues in the screenshots and videos, some planning, possibly some mapping, and some experimentation to find them all.  

  • Here is a video of me playingthe game and describing the process you can use to play and eventually beat the game
  • Heres a video of a new player dying a bunch and eventually beating level 7
  • Heres a video of me showing one of many ways to beat the last level.  I bet you can beat it faster than I did.  In fact I DARE you! ;)   Obviously this video is a spoiler for the last level so if you want to solve it yourself don't watch this video.  

How to Continue

This game requires some strategy and planning to beat and you may not be able to beat it in one sitting.  If you write down the password for the levels you get to you can come back to the game another day and type in the password on the title screen to continue where you left off.  On the title screen if you press space you will start at level 1 but if you type in your password and then hit enter  you will continue at that level.  You will know if you typed it correctly if you hear a squelch sound when you hit enter.  If you make a mistake hit backspace or escape.  To see how it works if you type 2sh on the title screen you will jump to level 2.  All passwords are made of the following characters: '1234shknma'


The sprites used in this game were CC0 licensed from the Blowhard 2 sprite collection by Surt on OpenGameArt.org


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