ZorkMan (AKA PacMan the Text Adventure)

This is combination of 2 incompatible genres: A Text Adventure which is inherently turn based and a pac man type game which is an action packed arcade game.

Goal is to collect all dots on the level without losing all of your lives.  If you are eaten by a grue you lose a life.  You get three lives per level.   If you lose all three lives on any given level then the game is over.  

There are three tutorial levels (total of ~2 min) and after that the game begins in earnest.

Secondary goal is to get the highest score.  Score is increased with every dot you pick eat and every grue you eat (more points for each grue).

Major Differences from Pac Man:
- This game is turn based so not so frantic (still intense when a grue is on your heels!)
- Controls and Movement are different (obviously)
- Three lives per level in this game.  Three lives total in Pac Man

Major Differences from Zork:
- This Parser is < 10% as sophisticated as Zorks
- The script of this game is much smaller
- This is graphical


Resources Used:
commodore-64 font (https://www.dafont.com/commodore-64.font)
Garage Band
UV-Free Triplanar Shader Pack (All original textures during the Jam)

Ludum Dare:
I just got a Nephew and am leaving tomorrow to go see him and my Niece!  I would spend more time but I have to draw a line in the sand and hit the plane!

Things I wanted to do:
Make a Unique Grue Model in Blender
Make it longer with more levels

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